Carlyle Group, Bush Crime Family Linked to Maylasia Airliner Tragedies?

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon


Maylasia Loss of 3 Jets MH17 MH370 QZ8501

MOTIVE A: Maylasia Move to Gold-Backed Currency

Malaysian Province Moves To Gold And Silver-Based Currency In “Main Islamic Event Of The Last 100 Years”

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 08/17/2010

More world governments are “just saying no” to the ponzi. Last week, the Malaysian government of Kelantan “said it was introducing a new monetary system featuring standardised gold and silver coins based on the traditional dinar and dirham coins once used by the Ottoman Empire.” And as everyone who has taken game theory 101 knows, the first defector wins the most, while the last one is left with nothing. A small province in Malaysia just made the critical first defection. The question now is who will be next… and next…and next. (Zerohedge)

MOTIVE B: Insurance Scam

The $2.25 billion dollar reason for the mysterious plane disappearances: Insurance Scam 101

By Unidentified Target:   I’ve been in the…

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