Russian Rouble is not dropping on it’s own but the speculators are trying to bring the value down. In other words, they are using US currency to buy them. How long can they buy? The longer they are keeping rouble hostage, the longer US dollar is away from them. Russia will not die or collapse. So sooner or later, Rouble will rise because speculators cannot let the Rouble plunge beyond a certain rate that will affect them. They expected Russian governemnt to intervene and pay to the speculators to prevent from falling but Russia has refrained leaving the speculators fan for themselves. Drop in oil price is infact a blessing in disguise. Although Russia might have a difficult budget but cheaper oil will be profitable to Russia than the high cost of fracking in US. At that point of time, others have to pay more US dollars to buy Rouble. So in other words, US dollar will worth less. Saudi’s can hold hand with US hoping to topple Assad, that will never happen as long as Russia supports him. US can call on others to topple Assad in the name of ISIS but they cannot attack Syria without a mandate from UN. Russia and China will be against with thier veto power. Chinese are already pissed off with US for meddling in Hongkong. So US is running around like a headless chicken. Do not know what to do. Furthermore, Turkey is more than ever have to support Russia. Turkey has started to feel Russia is more reliable than US. It was very obvious when US servicmen were attacked in Turkey.
33 minutes ago

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