2012: What's the 'real' truth?

At this point – after having read my “summation article” – many people may literally be thinking that I’ve made ALL OF THIS STUFF UP! Or – in common vernacular – IT’S ALL CRAP!

Yet – you may be surprised that little (if any) of what I’ve written so far in these many articles is actually conjecture or “speculation”. If what I was writing in these many articles was either conjecture or speculation – I would have immediately said so right in the article!

The truth is – I’ve been VERY CONSERVATIVE in what I’ve written and what Jean has published thus far, and I could easily have written other “highly speculative” articles which even though supported by information which I’ve actually come across – there is no way of proving it conclusively! Those articles would definitely blow your mind. And those articles have all remained UNWRITTEN!

Almost everything I’ve…

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